Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass. It is formed by the sudden cooling of lava. It has a very high water content due to the hydration of the obsidian. It can greatly expand up to 4-20 times its original size when exposed to rapid heating above 870 degrees Celsius.

Ekopons Perlite is used in two forms as Crude Perlite & Expanded Perlite in many commercial applications including the construction and manufacturing fields. Some industries that prefer Ekopons Perlite are;

  • Metallurgy industry as slag coagulant in iron foundries.
  • Construction materials industry for production of lightweight plasters, concrete and chemicals.
  • Food industry as a filtration aid.
  • Textile industry for stonewash in soft fabrics.
  • Horticulture industry as a soil amendment.
  • Agriculture industry as a growing medium for soilless culture.
  • Various industries to provide cryogenic insulation.

The standard grades we offer to the relevant sectors.


1,2 – 2,8 mm
for crude perlite


3 – 8 mm
for expanded perlite