Pumice For Landscaping

Pumice, with outstanding properties of being lightweight, easily processable, economical and resistant to atmospherical conditions is widely preferred in landscape architecture. Pumice holds water and fertilizer nutrients in its pores, as a result of which watering is stabilized and plant maintenance becomes easier to follow. It does not require drainage channels where used. Landscaping sector favors from pumice in:

  • Green roofs & green walls
  • Landscape / lawn areas
  • Green parks and gardens
  • Golf courses, football pitches, tennis courts, etc.

The effective use of pumice in these areas, pure or mixed with organic substrates of different nature, provides optimum results in soil productivity and plant health.

Pumice is an indispensable raw material especially for green roofs and green walls. It does not add much of an extra weight to the buildings and does not increase the minimum static requirements of construction. Pumice also provides high heat and sound insulation, helping to reduce energy costs of the building and protect the environment.

Lawn areas are greener and healthier with pumice for a longer period. Pumice provides optimum drainage and water retention properties contributing to cost saving in irrigation & fertilization.