Pumice For Stonewash

A fashionable, faded and naturally aged look on denim is accomplished by a special stonewashing treatment with pumice. Denim industry uses pumice stone especially in acid wash (also named as snow wash, moon wash or marble wash) and river wash processes. These processes require washed & rounded, high in silica content white pumice to achieve the worn look and the softened fabric.

Ekopons Mining produces and exports high quality pumice stone for stonewash to leading laundries throughout the world including; Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Madagascar, Mauritius, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Tunisia and Morocco.

The experience of Ekopons Mining in the stonewash sector lead the laundries to the correct choice of use in strength, quality and calibres of the stone. Ekopons’ marketing, production and warehouse facilities give us the flexibility to follow and answer the changing requests in the sector effectively. Ekopons Pumice for stonewash is:

  • Washed, double screened & tumbled
  • Free of heavy metals & iron contents
  • Durable with strong abrasivity
  • Reusable
  • White colored (leaves no stains on the product and does not require extra cleaning)
  • Produced in various calibres for different types of fabrics

The standard grades we offer to the relevant sectors

10 – 20 mm

15 – 25 mm

20 – 30 mm

20 – 40 mm

30 – 50 mm