Pumice For Construction

Ekopons Mining is the main producer and exporter of pumice aggregates for the construction sector and the sole supplier of the pumice for Poncebloc –Arkas’ affiliate in the construction industry producing lightweight wall blocks with pumice- www.poncebloc.com.tr

Kayseri pumice is known to be the lightest pumice all around the world with its fully-dried density of 300-400 kg/m3. Ekopons implements a special purification process where pumice dust and all non-pumice ingredients are eliminated. As a result of this special treatment, fully-dried density of pumice can be reduced below 300 kg/m3.

The porous structure of Kayseri pumice together with the purification process enables production of light-weight blocks with the highest insulation values. (i.e. Poncebloc –d190mm; h240mm; w490mm- has a heat insulation of ʎ=0,11 W/mK, and a dry weight of only 8,0 kg.) This value promotes construction of A+ energy saving buildings. Additionally, blocks produced with Ekopons Pumice are A1 Non-Combustible.

Sharing the same facilities and technical staff with Poncebloc, Ekopons is able to support the customers abroad with technical know-how for lightweight block production with Kayseri pumice. Ekopons customers are welcome to Poncebloc factory for technical trainings, discussions, etc.

The standard grades we offer to the relevant sectors. (Both raw or purified.)

0 – 8 mm

0 – 12 mm

4 – 12 mm

4 – 16 mm