Pumice For Agriculture

Ekopons Mining provides different calibres of pumice from their quarries in Kayseri, Turkey to the agriculture / horticulture sectors. Nature’s wonder pumice, with outstanding properties of water and air retention, is widely used in the agriculture sector with environmental consciousness.

Pumice as a Soil Conditioner & Growing Medium: Heavy, expansive soil with clay is unfavorable to lawn and root development in plants. Pumice provides the necessary moisture balance of soil with excellent aeration and gas exchange in the root zone, letting an ideal setting for rooting and germination.

Pumice for Soilless Culture: Hydroponic growing system is a technique that uses pumice as a medium in a setting where soil is replaced with various nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium. Minerals are applied directly to the roots, pumice absorbs and delivers these nutrients sufficiently due to its porous structure. It is a perfect raw material choice for soilless culture due to its exceptional water retention capacity.

Ekopons Pumice is widely used as a “SOIL CONDITIONER” & “GROWING MEDIUM” in:

  • Nurseries
  • Fruit orchards
  • Potting media
  • Ornamental plants (indoor and outdoor)
  • Bulb plants
  • Vegetables
  • Turf mixture

The standard grades we offer to the relevant sectors


0 – 8 mm


4 – 8 mm


4 – 16 mm


8 – 16 mm


16 – 40 mm