Arkas Art Center

Arkas Art Center continues to contribute to the artistic and cultural life of our country. Urla Arkas Art Center, which will combine İzmir’s historical and cultural mosaic with the art community, will inaugurate in the end of July. “Kardelen Landscaping” carries out the garden arrangement works of Arkas Art Museum Project and Ekopons Mining, the […]

Pumice in Fireplaces and Chimneys

We all dream of cozy homes warming up with chimneys during the long cold winter season. Did you know that pumice, being a unique natural insulator is used in building fireplaces and chimney systems with its high insulating values? Environmental friendly pumice is fire safe; resistant to high temperature changes of a chimney fire with […]

What is pumice stone?

Pumice is an extrusive igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling and hardening of lava in explosive volcanic eruptions. The volatile gases, certain components and high water content within the lava are released suddenly due to the quick cooling, creating countless independent pores and giving pumice its sponge like porous texture. It has a very […]